maandag 15 december 2008

Dikke vingers

Assignment was to make an Illustrated instruction on handling. And just because I love tattoos and everything that's got to do with body arts I wanted to do something about it. 
So It's a sort of map with personalisable tattoo's, you can combine tat's yourself.
I tried to drawn everything in a same atmosphere, just as the tat's. I've tried a new style for me and that's the comic kind, I just love it because of it's simplicity and the power it's got.

Well tomorrow I'm gonna show my first sketches and ideas to my illustration teacher.
hope it's going to be good, cause I've got so much more to work on! Luckely this is the last week of school. So jaj for vacation and even more jaj for my weekend to Berlin! Tell you more about that next time!

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